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Training that Has Impact!

With such a busy working environment and budgets that are always tight, it’s often hard to prioritise training, but it’s important to remember that training can make a real difference to your Early Years setting and can really boost staff moral.

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Create the Awe and Wonder

Sometimes we get stuck in the same old environment, doing the same old activities. If I’m bored, it makes sense that the children must also be lacking in stimulation. I’ve never been one for standing still, so I like to change up the environment on a regular basis, to keep that “awe and wonder” for the children.


Welcome to Sparkles Early Years Consultancy

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Kim Benham and I’m passionate about high-quality, professional Early Years (EY) care and education.

I have worked with children for over 30 years. My career started by training as an NNEB, then working in a busy Day Nursery in inner London. I then pursued a career in paediatric nursing, working at the prestigious Great Ormond Street Hospital. I nursed children with a variety of medical and surgical conditions during my 15 year nursing career. During the last four years I nursed children in the community, trying to keep sick children with their families at home wherever possible.

I returned to EY work when I had children of my own, working in a local Pre-School. I then decided that with my wealth of experience, I felt confident enough to run my own Pre-School. I knew the ethos and atmosphere I wanted to create in order to give children the best possible start in their first learning environment away from home. After establishing this successful Pre-School, I acquired a second and love the job of managing them both.

I have also contributed to Nursery World articles, written for the PreSchool Learning Alliance and I have guest blogged for the well known Kathy Brodie. You can also hear me on a guest podcast for the Early Years Academy on twice achieving an outstanding Ofsted inspection report!

My passion for what I do has led me on a life-long quest for quality EY practice throughout the land! Over the years I have helped many friends with their EY professional journey and their feedback has led me to start up my own training and consultancy business. I have so much respect for those who take on the sometimes challenging and complicated world of Early Years education, and my goal is to make sure every business has the support they need and deserve.

I have collaborated with the amazing Sejal Payne to form S&S Training giving training on many subjects but specialising on inclusion, diversity and race.

I love helping others achieve success and can tailor consultancy and/or training to suit your professional needs. Please feel free to have a good read through my website and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!