I would be a lychee...

13 March 2018

Today is a day of the year I look forward to and enjoy so much. That is Careers day at my daughters old school. The careers teacher takes good care of us, showing us where we’re meant to be when. I give a short talk about my career and passion for all things early years. I take toys to show the learning that we facilitate. This is always popular! They found mark making in flour and coco powder particularly relaxing this year. Maybe teachers of these lovely stressed GCSE students should give some of these relaxing activities!

As part of our morning we had to give them some interview practice. We were given some questions to ask, but I threw in some of my own “scenario” questions. They all improved as we practised more. On of the questions we were given to ask (not one I use) is “if you were a fruit, what would you be. Brilliant answers:-

I would be an apple so I could chose whether I was red or green

I would be a strawberry-sweet

I would be an orange, thick skin and soft centre

Coconut, hard outside, soft inside

And my favourite answer....

I would be a lychee, rare and sweet

I’ve had a lovely day!