I've always got time for a good idea

18 May 2017


Why? Why have I always got time for a good idea? Because ultimately it saves time, or at least it saves grief and strife!

Welcome to my consultancy blog. I hope to share some of my work, some of my ideas as well as the ideas and theories of others. I believe in variety and different approaches, converging to suit your own practice. Early Years Consultant, Kathy Brodie suggested I make the above statement my catch phrase, as she says it is "so me!”

As a manager of two settings and as a consultant, I surround myself with good people so we can mutually support and share good ideas.

So the latest good idea I'm following up at the moment is from Kathy Brodie's Spring Early Years summit on the Phoenix Cups theory. It’s all about reacting and responding to children's needs in a visible way, and about how we offer opportunities to (in Sandi's words) "fill children's metaphorical cups,” e.g. the freedom cup. Do we offer enough freedom, or do we expect too much rigidity and routine perhaps?

The concept is from Sandi Phoenix in Australia, so we are messaging back and forth on how best to make her resources available in the U.K. I like the way Sandi has also thought of staff wellbeing as well as the child's, and love even more that she wants to make her programme accessible to practitioners all over the world!

These are exciting times! The postie will be arriving with the goods any day now! I Will let you know how it goes. Please have a look at Kathy's website (some guest blogs by Kim Benham on there!) and Sandi's website. They’re inspirational people!

Here are some useful links:

Kathy Brodie's Spring EY Summit and website:

Sandi Phoenix: