The Magic of Pack Away Pre-Schools

9 October 2017

I had some researchers visit me the other week. They wanted to see my setting and ask me questions about my life in Early Years. They arrived at 11.00 and had a quick look at Millies, then we went into the church building (slightly separate) so they could ask me questions. An hour later we went back.

“Where’s it gone!!!” Exclaimed the researcher as she scanned the empty hall!

“Oh yes…we pack it all away” I answered…”Every Day.”

“New respect!” Says the second researcher

“It’s like magic”says the first as I show her the crammed cupboard where it all went.

For those of us who have them we would so like not to have to pack away at the end of every day….and then have to get it all out again! The other disadvantage to me personally, having two pre-schools, I have no idea where anything belongs!

Having said that, it gives us opportunities to change things around more. I’ve visited plenty of purpose built settings who have static kitchen home corners. The enhancements change, but the cookers permanent. In this respect we probably both have to think creatively about how we use our spaces. Swings and roundabouts always! Whether we have purpose built or pack away, the children always come first!